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Move into an Indoor Environmental Wellness™ Home or Office

The best time to prepare for a clean, safe and healthy space for your family to work in, play in, and live in is before you start demolition and construction. Your architect, designer and general contractor may already be affiliated with healthEhabitats™. Most crews in the area already endorse Construction Cleaning Solutions. If not, we will be glad to discuss our exclusive services with you and your professionals.

More often than not, new build materials including lumber, flooring, insulation, paint, and appliances contain tremendously high levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that will continue to off-gas for days, weeks, even months. It is these toxic by-products that can drastically affect our health and well being—many are even carcinogenic. healthEhabitats™ can minimize the impact of these concerns via a variety of practices to ensure the safest environment for you on move-in day!

Our dedicated clean team will also help you meet Indoor Environmental Wellness™ standards by using holistic and green cleaning solutions to ensure that the new space has clean air, surfaces, and water for enjoyment and consumption in the home and office.

Young family sitting on the floor of their new home surrounded by boxes

Post-Construction & Renovation Cleaning Services from healthEhabitats™

Our staff at healthEhabitats™ is well trained to ensure Indoor Environmental Wellness™ is met for the space being cleaned once construction or renovation is completed. Services we perform are listed below:

  • Corner to corner HEPA dust and debris removal
  • 48 hr. toxic gas (VOCs) removal and air scrubbing
  • Kitchen and bathroom sanitizing via high-pressure high heat vapor steam
  • EPA approved Antimicrobial Barrier Treatment
  • Duct sanitizing and HEPA Rotobrushing
  • Installation of Merv®11, 12 or 13 air filters
  • Carbon monoxide detector testing

Bring Healthy Home