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healthEhabitats™ Medical Treatment Sanitizing Services

Germs and bacteria can spread throughout medical facilities very quickly. It is important to have these spaces cleaned properly to help protect employees and patients from infectious. healthEhabitats™ is here to assist with medical treatment sanitizing services for the healthcare centers of the area. We have teamed up and built incredible relationships with the Departments of Infection Prevention. They have helped us become specialists in the field to combat the number one health concern within medical treatment facilities:  HAIs or Hospital Acquired Infections.

healthEhabitats™ uses all EPA approved sanitizing products to deliver the cleanest and most successful results to ensure safety throughout the facility. Once our evaluation is complete, we tailor a plan of action to service the area. Our educated team will also teach staff techniques to keep the area clean after we have finished our services. Become a member with us and we would be happy to do routine check-ups to help alleviate worries about contaminants throughout the medical facility.

Doctor smiling with her pediatric patient

ClinicalClean® Helps Disinfect and Sanitize

At healthEhabitats™ we integrated our services with a third-party vendor, ClinicalClean® to ensure the quality of the hospital grade sanitizing and disinfecting program. ClinicalClean® is a recognized leader in the field with over 10 years experience in the industry, and have a highly trained staff that help provide medical grade cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting services. They carry the most technologically advanced sanitizing equipment available to all projects.

ClinicalClean® employs solutions and protocols that are approved by renowned microbiologists and disease prevention experts. We are happy to partner with them to bring the best services possible for local medical facilities. These types of cleaning and sanitizing services offer support to your staff throughout their regular scheduled daily cleaning making it easier, safer, and more economical.

Medical Facilities healthEhabitats™ Can Help Sanitize

healthEhabitats™ specializes in taking care of the area’s medical facilities with our sanitizing services for a cleaner and safer experience for your employees and patients. Keeping medical facilities as clean as possible will inspire confidence from patients who will be happy to return after they receive excellent service. Here is the variety of medical and healthcare facilities we can serve:

  • EMS ambulance services
  • Hospitals
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Medical offices
  • Dental offices
  • Physician practices
These harmful bacteria can cause serious infections and diseases at a rapid rate.

Trust that healthEhabitats™ is here to help you get this problem corrected quickly and efficiently. Partnering up with us ensures cleaning practices follow the guidelines set out by OSHA and are approved to disinfect bloodborne pathogens. You will also see less HAIs, increased morale, less sick days of employees, cost savings, successful inspections by auditing agencies specifically JCAHO, the Joint Commission. Call us today to get your consultation scheduled.

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