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Cleaning & Sanitizing Services for a Healthier Life

Average adults take around 12 to 16 breaths per minute. Pollutants in the air can go easily unnoticed by human eyes, unlike mold or dirt in the water. These pollutants can exasperate a variety of respiratory, cardiac, and dermatologic conditions within its occupants. The specialty cleaning services offered by the team at healthEhabitats™’ focus on the removal of biofilms, pollutants, pathogens that stress immune systems, cardio, digestive, and more to improve quality of life.

healthEhabitats™ values cleaning for health, rather than just aesthetics. Our team focuses on the three critical areas that affect your family’s health within homes and businesses; the air breathed, water drank, and surfaces touched. We specialize in cleaning and sanitizing to help promote better health, increased performance, and better sleep. We are not a conventional janitorial service—we compliment what your traditional cleaning services provide (aesthetic cleaning/trash removal) and improve the health conditions of the space.

Young family playing in the kitchen

Specialized Cleaning & Sanitizing Services Offered from healthEhabitats™

Allowing healthEhabitats™ to create Indoor Wellness Environment™ with our specialty cleaning and sanitizing services will only further the commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. The chance of sickness is lessened within the home and will assist employees by not spreading common sicknesses like the common cold or the flu. Sick days can be saved for more vacation days, which is a much better use for those paid days off. Our dedicated team is here to help with any homes or offices when making the switch to a healthier lifestyle, here are the services we can provide:

  • Post construction & renovation
  • Medical treatment sanitizing
  • Residential & commercial flu sanitizing

Bring Healthy Home