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Mold Inspection with healthEhabitats™

Mold in the house and office can cause many different health issues including asthma, adverse allergic reactions or even heart disease. Mold can easily grow almost anywhere in your home or office when the conditions get met. Mold favors conditions which are moist, warm spaces with plenty of oxygen and has an organic matter food source. healthEhabitats™ tends to find mold growing in basements of cellars that have experienced recent flooding, underneath kitchen or bathroom sinks, and behind refrigerators. These places in the home and office tend to have the highest concentration of cellulose, which mold uses to feed on to grow larger.

healthEhabitats™ is here to help rid homes and offices of this potentially massive problem. We want to improve health by finding the source of your mold problem and making sure that is it properly removed. healthEhabitats™ had state accredited and licensed Mold Assessors that follow analytical methods recommended by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) as supported by the EPA. An education program has also been developed to ensure mold doesn’t return by adding a few simple steps to regular cleaning plans.

Bright, healthy-looking office

Residential and Commercial Mold Remediation Management

healthEhabitats™’ tools and tactics can help families get their homes mold free. Our team will oversee the complete removal process with our licensed and insured affiliates to ensure spaces are free from mold. They will design remediation action plans for the safe and complete removal of fungus/mold as well as complete clearance testing upon completion. As well, we can get commercial offices clear of mold, so employees feel safe, healthy and ready to work. Below are some of the mold removal services expected:

  • Find the moisture causing growth
  • Evaluate the contaminated space
  • Remove mold from home or office
  • Professionally dry the whole area affected
  • Return space to pre-mold appearance

When Should You Consider Mold Testing & Inspection?

Our crew is prepared with all of the most technologically advanced tools and products to assist with mold inspection and testing, but when should you give healthEhabitats™ a call to come and evaluate your home or office?

  • In the scenario where you can smell mold but can’t see it. A mold inspection and mold test from healthEhabitats™ will reveal whether there is indeed elevated mold, and where it is located.
  • There have been plumbing leaks or water issues. Mold will develop behind walls where the water damage occurred but can’t always be seen.
  • Post mold removal clearance testing to ensure that the previous mold issues has been resolved and mold counts have returned to levels found in normal environments of the same type.
  • If you have health concerns in which the cause cannot be pinpointed but seems to be related to mold symptoms (coughing, sneezing, headaches, etc.).
  • Buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. Will keep you safe and save you money.
  • If you believe there is mold that you can smell cannot see.
  • Someone is interested in a general Indoor air quality test of their environment.

healthEhabitats™ Brings Professionalism in Mold Cleaning

Our professional team is here to help keep the house and office clean, safe, and healthy. After we finish our mold inspection and clearing services, we will help educate you on maintaining these spaces ensuring mold doesn’t come back. Call us today so that we can get your space mold-free.

Bring Healthy Home