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Evaluation & Inspection Services from healthEhabitats™

The first step in achieving Indoor Environmental Wellness™ is to allow healthEhabitats™ to come into the home and office to perform one of our many evaluations which will help decide where and how we can help. We will help by assessing the water, air, and surfaces around the home and office. These evaluations and inspections will yield programs designed to improve comfort, increase energy savings, and add value to the home or office. Indoor Environmental Wellness™ is a pursuit, not a final destination, and healthEhabitats™ can be your co-pilot to guide you in the right and healthy direction!

Allow us to start your journey in Indoor Environmental Wellness™ with these baseline evaluations of your space. If there are any deficiencies within the area, our specialists will target them and begin planning your next move in reaching total home wellness. Indoor Environmental Wellness should be pursued wherever people live, work, and play.

Woman doing the dishes

Test Your Air, Water, and Surfaces for Harmful Contaminants

Our team at healthEhabitats™ have the skills and the tools to measure the toxicity in your home. We will also remedy and treat all threats in your space. Below are the evaluations and inspections healthEhabitats™ will complete in your home and office at our Basic package price:

Asset 2

Total VOCs
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Dioxide
Relative Humidity
Temperature Variations

Asset 1

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
Ph Balance

Asset 3

Kitchen counters
Bathroom counters
Faucet handles

Services Tailored to Meet Your Needs

We have many more evaluation and inspection services in our Advanced and Premium packages. These include radon lab reports for your air, city water lab analysis done by an accredited third-party, or EMF radiation throughout the whole house. A la carte options are available as well to customize your cleaning needs.

Having these evaluation and inspection services completed can give you peace of mind knowing that a clean and healthy space is being provided for family and employees. These services will also save money on energy bills, restoration, and remediation costs. Call us today to get an appointment for an estimate.

Bring Healthy Home