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The Shared Mission of healthEhabitats™ Employees

The employees at healthEhabitats™ have dedicated themselves to the movement which focuses on living a healthier, more productive lifestyle. We are more than just a specialty cleaning company based in Bohemia, NY; we are trying to grow a community of people who understand the relationship between personal health and four walls and a roof. Our environmental engineers, microbiologists, technicians, nurses, doctors, practitioners, consultants, salespeople, mothers, and fathers have come together to complete the mission of bringing our community the best knowledge and tools to ensure Indoor Environmental Wellness™.

Indoor Environmental Wellness™ Is the healthEhabitats Mantra

First and foremost, living a healthy lifestyle is a mindset. And to help you develop this routine, we created Indoor Environmental Wellness™. Our certified market leaders discovered this mantra to give the surrounding communities who were seeking assistance with in-home cleanliness something to rally behind. We want to help you live your life in a way that respects your body, health, and happiness and make Indoor Environmental Wellness™ your mantra.

Let Us Help Your Home Achieve Indoor Environmental Wellness™

Indoor environmental conditions are a concern for people undergoing lifestyle changes such as mothers-to-be and households who have already brought those precious newborn additions home. healthEhabitats™ has the knowledge, resources, and programs with certified and trained personnel to assist you in your pursuit of Indoor Environmental Wellness™. Our team will answer your question, “Is my home, my office, my space making me sick, and how can I improve it?” The tactics developed and the materials used by healthEhabitats™ have been proven to help homeowners seeking to achieve the best indoor air quality possible. We evaluate, test, and monitor the environmental elements of your house or business and then provide a comprehensive analysis and plan to better the quality of life in the space. Call us today for your low-cost home or office evaluation.

Bring Healthy Home